L.B.I. Investigations will consult with you regarding the type of counter surveillance you might need. We may require bugging and sweeping of an establishment or business to look for listening or video recording devices. Or surveillance of the company premises. Call L.B.I. Investigations and speak to a private investigator at 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599. License #1001841.


Do You Feel Safe in Your Home?

Do you feel safe in your home? Is your house secure for locks and alarms? Are there any hidden devices in your home? We will provide electronic sweeps for hidden video or audio. Call or email us for security or safety surveys or debugging. Call 24 hours a day. Please call 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599 to speak directly to a private investigator. Completely confidential. LBI Investigations. License #1001841. Please visit our website at:

Cheating Mate

What are some symptoms that your mate might be cheating on you?

Having a nagging suspicion that something is really wrong with your home life…your mate is irritable, is gone at odd hours, seems nervous or restless, doesn’t want to go out with you, goes to chat rooms and quickly closes out the browser window when you come into the room…your mate is suddenly interested in going on a weight loss program…you get hangup phone calls…

If you think that your mate might be cheating on you…get the answers you need to find out…call L.B.I. Investigations at 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599 . License #1001841. We’ re here to help, 24 hours a day…