Secret Shopping Services

L.B.I. Investigations will give you a detailed report concerning the quality of the service, food and establishment, including cleanliness, and appearance.. Our undercover investigators will go to the establishment and observe activity with hidden video cameras, and will provide a full and conplete report. Our private investigators are highly trained to record and observe any non-compliance or non-satisfactory service.

The difference between hiring a secret shopping service and LBI is that LBI is a private investigation company, which is licensed, bonded and insured, so you have the backing of the license when you have to make decisions based on employee theft, and other unacceptable behaviors or conditions; and private investigators are trained to know the laws of the state. Call a licensed p.i. for your shopping service needs right now.

All investigations are completely confidential.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Since 1990
License #1001841

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Asset Searches


In the middle of a divorce, and you need to know more about where your spouse has assets? Have a business partner that you need to know more about? L.B.I. Investigations is available for local, national and international asset searches. Hidden assets may be hard to find, and cannot be located on public directories. Call L.B.I. Investigations for a customized asset search to fit your needs at 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599 and speak directly to a private investigator. Completely confidential. License #1001841. Please visit our website at

Industrial Investigations

Industrial investigations involves the investigation of loss, including loss of product, loss of productivity, theft and security. Call L.B.I. Investigations and speak to a private investigator at 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599. License #1001841. Please visit our website at


L.B.I. Investigations will consult with you regarding the type of counter surveillance you might need. We may require bugging and sweeping of an establishment or business to look for listening or video recording devices. Or surveillance of the company premises. Call L.B.I. Investigations and speak to a private investigator at 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599. License #1001841.

Custody Investigations

Custody battles are costly, difficult and emotionally taxing. Are you in a custody situation where you need to find out what your ex spouse or current spouse is up to? L.B.I. Investigations provides thorough and discrete investigations through video surveillance, interviewing witnesses, vehicle surveillance and more. Get the answers to what you need. Call L.B.I. Investigations at 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599 to speak directly to a private investigator. Discrete and Confidential. Visit our website at License #1001841.

Do You Feel Safe in Your Home?

Do you feel safe in your home? Is your house secure for locks and alarms? Are there any hidden devices in your home? We will provide electronic sweeps for hidden video or audio. Call or email us for security or safety surveys or debugging. Call 24 hours a day. Please call 602-279-9643 or 602-558-2599 to speak directly to a private investigator. Completely confidential. LBI Investigations. License #1001841. Please visit our website at:

Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs


Our private investigators can pose as customers in your establishment to observe, report and evaluate your business and employees for quality, service and compliance.  Our service is adaptable and individualized to the size and nature of the particular establishment, and the reports are tailored accordingly. If the question is employee theft, how much money is the employee taking, or how many free services is the employee providing, that will cost you a loss of profit. If the question is the cleanliness and attractiveness of the establishment, you will get detailed feedback, that can assist you in making the needed changes to boost the success and popularity of your business. If the question is food, we will provide a detailed report on the quality and presentation of the food served, which can assist you in improving the quality of the food, and thereby increasing your sales and profit.
LBI Investigations. License 1001841.

Please call 602-558-2599 or 602-279-9643 to speak directly to a private investigator. Completely confidential.